Michael Urie

Michael Urie

Well honestly Michael Urie might not be the obvious choice to be seen shirtless but this guy is so adorable! If you been living under a rock for the past few months, Michael Urie played Marc St. James, Wilhemina’s perky gay assistant in Ugly Betty. I loved him to bits!

Now officially Michael Urie made the top 4 hot guys list on Ugly Betty besides Eric Mabius, Christopher Gorham and Kevin Alejandro. According to Wikipedia, he’s openly gay but again you never know since Hollywood actors today (especially gorgeous ones) are so freakin’ good at playing queer characters.


  1. Bryan

    Actually theres no use saying “you never know”, the guy is definitely gay, i’ll bet all my body parts on that.

  2. Squarehippies

    Really? Then I have a chance after all! (Unless he’s going for the type like his boyfriend in Ugly Betty). :)

  3. chelbie

    Michael Urie is not gay. Everyone thought he was until it was published in one of those tabloids where they tell you which celebs are gay and which ones are straight. They said he was gay and he got soooo mad. He was actually in a long term relationship w/ some girl. Their relationship lasted a long time.He just plays a gay man in ugly betty, but in all reality,he’s just metrosexual.Remember where you heard this from. Remember the name. CHELBIE!!!!

  4. Kai

    Everyone will remember that Chelbie was WRONG. Please! Michael Urie is “straight” in the way that David Hyde Pierce (Niles) of “Frasier” was straight (not!) Or Sean Hayes (Jack) of “Will and Grace” … or Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) of “How I Met Your Mother”.
    They ALL don’t (or didn’t) talk about it (like Michael Urie, who officially will not discuss his sexuality) because there is still homophobia out there. A straight man has no reason to “not discuss” his sexuality, because a straight man has nothing to fear!
    It’s well known in the gay community that Michael Urie has been seen “out and about” IN the gay community, and anyone who thinks he’s straight, well, that’s just the wishful thinking of straight people.

  5. Ryan

    Why does it matter? Not like he’ll hook up with any of you.

  6. John

    Chelbie… You’re a dipstick.

  7. Nice write up…usually I never reply to these thing but this time I will,Thanks for the great info.

  8. Mark THomas

    He has as much chance of being straight as Bill Clinton does of being queer. Not!