James Caviezel

This is weird. I was doing a Google search on James Caviezel shirtless pictures but nothing came up. Nothing. I know for a fact he was shirtless a bit in Angel Eyes, and fortunately I have the DVD. He’s one of the most classically gorgeous looking guys in Tinseltown and those eyes are breathtaking!

I know he played Jesus and all but hey, if you got it, flaunt it! Note to self: Gotta make James Caviezel skin caps soon.


  1. wendy

    Wow- I rented the movie-THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. Oh my goodness. He is such a beautiful man. So gorgeous, and he is such a good actor….He’s highly underrated as an actor and as a gorgeous man.

  2. james, U’re a awesome actor, I love ur acting work in ur movies.goodluck,wish u all the best in ur life.godbless.love,praying for ya. Hope to meet u in person someday.with love, robert john taylor in vannuys,ca