Julian Morris

I’m not implying that every guy with a British accent is sexy (although it’s kinda true) but Julian Morris has one of the best voice and cute English accent I’ve heard. The only movie I saw with him on it is Cry Wolf along with superhunk Jared Padalecki and that’s about it. It’s a shame that Julian didn’t take his shirt off in the movie although there was more than ample opportunities to do so. Hopefully we’ll see more of Julian Morris sans shirt on after this.


  1. TD

    See his movie whirlygirl..he is shirtless

  2. Ashley

    Heck, see Donkey Punch. The dude gets full frontal nude for a second. Shirtless throughout.

    It’s on Netflix’s Watch Instantly now, if you have that.

  3. Clips from the film and screencaps (which contain nudity) can be found here: http://tottyworld.blogspot.com/2009/05/should-have-called-coast-guard-boys.html

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